Your products need pizazz to soar off your shelves.
We make them airborne.

Wonderful package design sells your product as much as your brand sells you.

We use our excellent visual sense with our unparalleled understanding of cannabis design aesthetics and new media technology to create packaging that:

  • Provides strain and dosage information
  • Tells your brand story effectively
  • Is functional
  • Protects your product from the elements
  • Can be made from sustainable, eco-friendly materials
  • Complies with state laws and regulations
  • Is child-resistant

Let us design your product’s packaging to ensure its selling power. You’ll be amazed by how quickly people purchase it.

Looking for an Agency that Puts Your Needs First?

You’ve found it. Indicative listens to you to personalize your needs perfectly. No cookie-cutter strategy here, but rather a novel approach for your unique cannabis brand’s marketing. We’re all cannabis connoisseurs who relate to what you do – so we know how to align your thoughts with our expertise.

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