Plastic Printers

Plastic Printers makes one-of-a-kind luxury business cards, gift cards and other plastic card products. Its clients range from local businesses to large enterprises like Pepsi and Starbucks.

Plastic Printers’ main problem with marketing was its lack of a cohesive strategy. Before implementing an inbound strategy, it used organic SEO, two admittedly weak calls-to-action and one-off email blasts that did little to boost sales. After adopting an inbound strategy, all that changed.

Leveraging an already large social media following, the team at Plastic Printers turned more visitors into leads through top of the funnel offers. They then nurtured these leads until they were ready for sales and finally closed as customers.

As a result, the following occurred:


year-over-year increase in revenue


conversion rate from lead to sales qualified lead

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