• How to Win Cannabis Customers and Influence People

      Today’s customers have more choices than ever before. As brands become more competitive, customers are becoming increasingly more dedicated to finding the best deals, the best product, the best packaging, and the best customer service. This is especially true when it comes to cannabis customers.  While these shifts have been positive for consumers, they …

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  • What You Need to Know About Massachusetts’s Cannabis Billboard Bill

    A Resinate billboard on Massachusetts’s I-95   If you work in Massachusett’s relatively new cannabis industry, you know that the rules and regulations that govern this industry are constantly being written, challenged, and changed.  One of the most recent examples? Billboard laws.  Specifically, a proposed law that would prohibit cannabis companies in the state from …

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  • How to Legally Market Your Cannabis Business

    Image Source The Cannabis business in the United States is exploding. Right now, experts are predicting the worldwide market will grow to 57 billion by 2027, a massive increase from its current size of  9.2 billion. On the US Market, recreational and medical market size is slated to increase from 8.3 billion to 25 billion …

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