Igniting Cannabis

We’re Indicative

The full-service cannabis marketing and branding joint with a decidedly different, personalized approach that takes your brand to a height you never thought possible.

As part of the InThink Agency, a top shelf marketing firm in Worcester, MA, we cater to legal cannabis industry businesses not only in our state, but also nationally.

Who We Are

Ready to Grow Your Cannabis Brand Quickly and Effectively?

Work with us and you will. We use tried-and-tested full-funnel expertise to cultivate clients and customers and retain them as well as a finely grown hydroponic OG Kush will keep an aficionado flying high.

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Our Process

We approach process by forefronting the end goal and working backwards to meet it, using a holistic approach to marketing, lead generation and customer success.

We consider both digital and traditional options while analyzing the buyer’s journey and how they flow with your infrastructure of POS system, marketing software, CRM system and any of your other workflows.

In the end, we know everything’s about results, so we customize your strategy and solutions to ensure you meet or exceed them.

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Need to Build or Refine Your Brand or Reputation in the Ever-Growing Cannabis Industry Realm?

Whatever your niche, your brand and reputation must be clear and refined. We’ll ensure they are by working with you to best articulate your message, value proposition and all you need to expertly stand out in your field. We convey what you tell us crisply, correctly, clearly and creatively.

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Our Services

It’s high time you let an agency take a personalized approach to your cannabis marketing. Let us leverage the following the services to raise your visibility in the cannabis industry and improve your Return on Investment (ROI) exponentially. We specialize in community and technology, creating a marketing plan for you that works like no other.


What’s in a name? Wouldn’t that which we call a nugg still smell as sweet with any other name? Not in this business!

Web Design

Your website is your first impression - we make it spectacular.


Want to attract, engage and delight your clientele? Inbound marketing virtually guarantees you will -- and they'll be yours for life.


Video: people clamor for it. If you' re not using it, you're losing it.

Case Studies

Countless brands in every industry recognize the power inbound marketing has.
Here are a few with the results they’ve seen.


increase in leads

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web traffic

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increase in revenue

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Looking for an Agency that Puts Your Needs First?

You’ve found it. Indicative listens to you to personalize your needs perfectly. No cookie-cutter strategy here, but rather a novel approach for your unique cannabis brand. We’re all cannabis connoisseurs who relate to what you do – so we know how to align your thoughts with our expertise.

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